Brentwood Services Administrators Overview

Brentwood Services Administrators is one of the leading providers of insurance-related services in the nation.  Over the years, our expertise has centered around occupational injury and workers’ compensation-related services.  However, we have now expanded the utilization of our many professional talents to include the handling of several other branches of the property and casualty sector such as Automobile, Health and Life coverage and claims management.

Rising costs and a sometimes volatile insurance market have prompted many employers to look for alternatives to traditional workers’ compensation insurance. Brentwood Services Administrators specializes in utilizing “alternative-market” solutions, to enable employers and employer groups to participate in the rewards of successful risk management.

Workers’ compensation is one of the few insurance policies where employers incur claims every year. In the short term, the financial consequences of these claims are paid for by workers’ compensation insurance. Over the long-term, the cost of these claims is reflected in the premiums paid to insurance companies.

Alternative market solutions eliminate some of this “dollar-trading” of claims and premium. In return for a significant reduction in premium, the employer retains a portion of each claim up to a specific dollar amount. This participation is achieved through the use of either a large deductible insurance policy or by a per claim retention under a qualified self-insurance program.

Brentwood Services can guide client’s through the process of selecting a risk financing approach that is most appropriate and can provide all of the essential services that form the foundation of a successful program.

Examples of businesses sectors we serve include:

  • Health Care
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Road Builders Distribution Home Builders
  • Governmental Entities Services
  • Automobile Dealers

Individual Self Insurance

Since workers’ compensation is a significant challenge for most large businesses, an individual self-insurance program may be the best solution. We provide programs for companies with the characteristics to support a successful self-insurance plan.

Large Deductible Insurance

Self-Insurance offers many advantages, however for certain employers a large deductible policy may be a better option and can be coordinated with a self-insured program. By combining the deductible approach with client centered claims management and loss control services, we have successfully incorporated many advantages of self-insurance into an insured program.

Self Insured Groups

Employers that are too small to take advantage of self-insurance on their own may leverage the benefits of this approach through a self-insured group. These groups of employers pool their risk with other employers from the same industry with the support of their state trade association.