Brentwood Services Brokerage, Inc. Overview

For over fifteen years, Brentwood Services has been providing innovative workers’ compensation solutions to clients. We are most recognized for our leadership in the area of workers’ compensation programs for self-insured groups and individual self-insured organizations.

As an independent insurance agency, your staff can leverage the substantial knowledge and experience of Brentwood Services brokerage professionals to assist your agency. Our workers’ compensation specialists can answer your questions, provide consultations to your staff and assist your agency in developing submissions that effectively present your client to the excess insurance market place. We make working on a large account easy.

Support Services

Brentwood Services offers sophisticated safety engineering and loss control services that brokerage service clients can access to enhance the loss performance of their company, reduce lost workdays and increase productivity. These preventive services can yield significant benefits to a company in the form of lower premiums for workers’ compensation insurance over the long-term and greater profitability.