In The Community

Giving Back To the Community

December 2013


In December, BSA wanted to do something for an all-to-often forgotten segment of our community – senior citizens.  Our team of employee owners donated over 100 gift bags to senior citizens through Mid-Cumberland Meals on Wheels.

Meals  on Wheels is the largest and oldest national organization providing senior nutrition programs to one million seniors each day.  The gift bags we prepared contained a variety of items geared towards seniors – crossword puzzles, night lights, tea, pens and pencils, and personal care items.

We received a very heartfelt and touching letter from the Meals on Wheels director thanking us for our donations and effort.

She went on to say that when they delivered our gift bags, some of the seniors were not opening their bags until Christmas because it was going to be their only Christmas present, and some of the seniors cried because they couldn’t believe someone had thought about them. Another successful mission!


November 2013


November is a time of year when most people are giving thanks for all they have. However, at any given time of year, over 15 million Americans struggle to put food on the table.

This year instead of doing the usual food pantry donations, the Brentwood Crew organized a Thanksgiving food and clothing drive to benefit Bridges Domestic Violence Center, a local organization which assists women and children in their journey to remove themselves from a violent home and/or relationship.

When the Bridges coordinator came to pick up all of the clothes, shoes and food, she was overwhelmed, and told us that once they got it all back home, their pantry was overflowing – something that doesn’t happen all that often.