Company Overview

Brentwood Services, Inc. was formed in 1990 by Richard D. Hammer, a 40-year veteran of the workers’ compensation insurance industry, with a vision to build a strongly service-oriented insurance organization based on four simple principles:  honesty, integrity, fairness and accountability.  Based on these principles, Brentwood Services has grown to become a leading provider of insurance-related services,offering the most industry-unique solutions to a wide variety of clients.

Today, BSI, has evolved into the parent company of two separate insurance service firms offering a diverse portfolio of insurance-related services:

Brentwood Services Administrators

More than just a Third Party Administrator, Brentwood Services Administrators(r) not only offers a full range of TPA services, but also provides outstanding managed care and loss control programs which have a proven track record for reducing our clients’ claims payouts, thereby maintaining manageable premiums.  Learn More.

Brentwood Reinsurance Intermediaries

Brentwood Reinsurance Intermediaries, Inc., or BrentRe, is an independent reinsurance intermediary that provides customized risk management solutions to insurance companies, managing general agents and program administrators.  Learn More.

Although each company offers different products and services, all of our sub brands carry on the Brentwood tradition of delivering excellent service through our core values of honesty, integrity, fairness and accountability.