Service-Orientated Claims Handling

Selecting an excellent third-party administrator is critical for keeping your claims costs down.

Brentwood Services Administrators, Inc. has been on the leading edge of providing third party administration claims services for self-insured and large deductible clients for almost 20 years.  Through a combination of experienced and dedicated staff, aggressive managed care programs and continual monitoring of “best practice” standards, “BSAI provides a long term solution to all of your workers’ compensation and general liability claims handling needs.  Our level of dedication to building relationships with our clients is evidenced by the fact that we have many clients who have been with us since our company began!

Each claim office is composed of a regional manager and teams of proactive supervisors, adjusters and claim technicians.  Every client is assigned a dedicated claims team.  Each team becomes familiar with the culture and needs of their clients to develop customized special handling instructions and effectively manage claims from beginning to end.   While other claims service providers handle claims by reacting to events as they happen, BSAI proactively manages claims from the initial investigation, compensability or liability determination and until the claim is settled and/or closed. Our caseloads are generally below industry standards, and adjusters are given the tools and training to get the job done.

Here are several questions to ask about when reviewing your options.

  • Internal Audit Procedures – how does the TPA ensure internal quality control and correct any problems when they arise? Do they have a proactive internal audit program where all offices must meet high quality standards?
  • Are files from every adjuster audited?
  • What are the Best Practices – do they achieve > 80% of their best practices?
  • Do they provide administrative assistance for adjusters for tasks such as obtaining medical records, paying bills, setting up files, filing all forms, preparing for claims reviews, getting “one-step” prints, etc. This frees time for the adjusters to handle more complex responsibilities.
  • Will they provide dedicated adjusters so you can have the same adjuster’s handling all of your claims?
  • What is the experience level and tenure of their staff?
  • Do they advocate continuing education for their adjusters?
  • Do they encourage quarterly claim reviews?
  • Do the adjusters Action Plans included specific action steps — not just “get employee back to work.”?
  • Is managed care integrated and available?